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We provide cutting-edge technology solutions for businesses. Our highly resourceful team, having matured with years of delivering highly intuitive web, mobile, and cloud solutions, is nurtured in the Theory-Y management culture. The Theory-Y way offers the right environment for innovation, efficiency and excellence at work.

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the Emerging Disruption

Convergence of emerging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence is all set to blur the divisions between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Our Theory Y approach to development, where teamwork, responsibility, collaboration, and transparency are highly valued, ensures the best solution to your requirements, delivered in the best way. Have a look at the emerging technologies which will drive the business forward.

Internet of Things

or Intelligent Things

The intelligent “things” of the IoT ecosystem leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technology to communicate with other “things” and humans. We help you develop and deploy intelligent platforms through which you can create and control such intelligent things.

Intelligent Apps

and Analytics

Intelligent apps leverage artificial intelligence, sensors, and other resources, to augment human thinking and ability. We help your business deliver cutting-edge intelligent apps to take enterprise productivity to new heights, and unlock new possibilities.



The conversational system of tomorrow leverage machine learning, speech recognition technology, and other cues, to engage with humans on “human” terms. We help equip your systems with conversational capabilities, again taking productivity to new heights, and unlocking new possibilities.



Immersive experience technologies such as Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality effects a fusion between the physical and the digital, by interlaying valuable and informative digital content atop the physical reality. We understand your business and deliver the right immersive experience solutions to add value to your customers and other stakeholders.



Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the way we buy and sell thing, transact with the government and other service providers, and establish authenticity. It embeds trust, security, and reliability into the process, rather than enforce these essentials as add-ons.


We strive to position ourselves as a valuable strategic partner for our clients, helping them realise their digital potential and equipping them with capabilities to thrive in the digital age of today and tomorrow. Here is what our clients think of us. Have a look at the verified and genuine reviews from Clutch, as authentic as it gets.

Featured Case Studies

Read the full review of the below case studies. Explore what we can do to transform your business and enhance your bottom-line.


QKDoc has made success in linking thousands of doctors and lakhs of patients and helping them save waiting time and made hospital appointment bookings.…


Living in the golden age of technology development, we have started relying on tiny mobile phone with simultaneous communication functions for….

Patient Engagement Platform

TY has helped patients and clinics/hospitals save time and focus that time on things that matter. A boost in appointments has been seen for clinics….

The Theory-Y Way

True to our name, are a living embodiment of the world-famous and time-tested Theory Y management style. We trust people to motivate themselves and exercise self-direction to deliver cutting-edge, innovative, and practical solutions. We strive for a learning organization that continuously adapts to the changing environment.


Our leaders lead from the front, offering a real-life model for others to emulate


We imbibe the culture espoused by the Theory Y style of management.


We identify the most relevant technology which adds value to our clients, and adopt it wholeheartedly.


We invest in our team, encouraging them to develop and expand their skill-sets.

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