Our Proactive Leaders Solve Issues Heads-On

We lead from the front. Our leaders have their right mix of expertise and experience, allowing them to implement time-tested leadership practices, leading to organizational excellence. Pur leaders fully imbibe the Theory-Y way of taking the initiative, and solving issues proactively.



Our leaders have walked their talk, and offer a real-life model for others to emulate. Along with several years of experience in electronics and business management, they bring in proven models to leverage cutting-edge emerging solutions into practical and workable solutions for customers.

Jerry Williams

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Williams is a technology and business visionary with over 16+ years of hands-on experience in the computing and telecommunication fields. He is multi skilled and has worked on various aspects of Information Technology including Enterprise Networks, Application development, Security Architecture and Enterprise Information Systems implementation. He uses his technical and management capabilities and passion to succeed to focus on developing successful businesses in the disruptive product innovation space.

Mohan Thomas

Co-Founder and President Of Technology

Mohan Thomas is a product and technology executive who has led large engineering teams that built and operated online services for millions of users. With over 17+ years of experience in software solutions and consulting, he is a pioneer in the cloud computing space. An ardent proponent of data-driven decision management, he focuses on creating consumer centric web, mobile and data analytics solutions. He is passionate in helping organizations leverage the power of cloud and big data analytics and is a proponent of agile development and continuous delivery.