The Theory-Y way to All-Round Excellence

True to our name, we espouse the Theory Y culture, where people remain self-motivated to achieve excellence and delight our customer in everything we do. We have a shared vision which binds together the individual excellence of our workforce into a harmonious whole.


The Theory-Y culture espouses positivity, trust, empowerment, creativity, and innovation. Trust and collaboration thrive in our decentralized, open, transparent and participative work culture. Our employees consider work fulfilling, and apply creativity and imagination to take ownership of their work.
We focus on delighting the customer in whatever we do, and encourage initiative, innovation, and rapid execution of projects.

Theory-Y Onam Celebration

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Theory-Y X’Mas Celebration

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Theory-Y X’Mas Celebration

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Theory-Y Inauguration

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We believe in our people, just as they do in us!

Theory Y is a famous management principle which assumes that people will exercise self-direction and self-control in the achievement of organizational objectives to the degree that they are committed to the objectives. You may be wondering why a company calls themselves with a management principle, right? That you will understand just by observing us on a day to day basis. Here as the name implies we believe in our people. The office architecture itself defines what the culture TY is exactly following. This is an open space which symbolizes everything is welcoming and appreciable. The open architecture is conducive through which the people here are very cheerful and they embrace all the opportunity to work.

As the color indicates in the logo, we practice positive and enthusiastic work culture with mutual growth and benefits. This positive and warmth is the base of our success and here it is completely people oriented. This open culture keenly encourages and promotes feedbacks and actively promotes them into actions.

The value which TY give to their clients and colleagues manifests the intensity to win. The timely array of delivery and promotion maintains a professional standard which the industry expects. The value of time which everyone invests in TY and the time we invest is of mutual benefits and growth. The benefit and growth are not only constrained to them but also to each and every person who associates with them.

Flat hierarchy promotes and values each and every human being who associates with us. Here we encourage everyone in discussions without fear or negative repercussions. This dynamic culture is very important in modern work environment. This flat hierarchy helps everyone to communicate and share their concepts easily. This free flow of communication and idea sharing promotes and nourishes the associated people. This tend to be more democratic and promotes great level of innovations.

The innovations occur in spontaneous and unplanned ways. We give more opportunity to train ourselves and everyone to think constantly and a new approach to the old problems. The latest technology trends and the approach which we take helps us to stay outstanding.

This flexible and adaptable structure will help us to make necessary decisions as needed which helps us to serve our clients and companions better. We work together to achieve a common goal in creating a better change for the clients. The above-mentioned factors are icing to the cake, isn’t it?

As a whole this is an innovative, open, latest technology driven place. All these make TY an exciting place to work and give work.