Patient Engagement Platform

TY has helped patients and clinics/hospitals save time and focus that time on things that matter. A boost in appointments has been seen for clinics/hospitals because of their fast and systematic service. Patients now prefer health care centers where this facility has been implemented as this helps them plan their day accordingly rather than waiting from morning for their tokens to be called.

The hushed waiting room

According to Indian Journal of Medical Ethics “the average time a patient spends in the Out Patient Department was 60mins. The major bottleneck causing this high waiting time was found to be the waiting time for consultation which was 40 minutes on an average. Information gathered during the survey also revealed that 33% patients waited for 30- 60mins for the doctor while 32% patients waited for over an hour. This was one of the major causes of discontent among the OPD patients to which a fall in OPD numbers can be attributed.”

Manual token/patient management system

Walk in customer priority

Unexpected increase in consultation time

Unexpected patient issue

Business Challenges

Developing an affordable product package.
Designing the best workflow of components.
Designing the best workflow of components.
Ensuring privacy and confidentiality of hospitals, clinics and patients are maintained.


Easy Doctor’s room update on the booking app or device


Time estimate to reach destination


Notification and alerts for doctors, clinics and patients

Doctor can see who is waiting now and how long they have been waiting

Web and Mobile token management system for clinics/hospitals


Special announcements provision in waiting room