Atmosphere : Your Reading Partner

To enhance user experience, an application that selects tunes to seamlessly play to match the mood of the e-book would be an unique and fruitful product. This will belittle the hitch of contrasting mood combination of music and book. The application should be able to pause or change the tune with the mood of the text in book the reader is reading.

Walk into a reader’s life

Reading has always been a origin of knowledge. It has also been a source of happiness, pleasure and also moral courage. The importance of reading has increased drastically in today’s world due to access of information from every corner of the world. Book reading is important as it tells life stories of people we don’t know, help us visualize places we haven’t been to, and worlds we could only imagine.

Reading could be boring for the ones who does not like reading. They may do it for the sake of academic or professional reasons. Even for the bookworms, reading can cause stress, headaches and other health issues. They tend to socialise less and becomes a loner. An experience that makes a reader’s life interesting and enjoyable while reading is something we are looking for.

Mixing tunes to words

Most people tend to listen to music from their phone or on radio while reading as this soothes them. Music while reading can also block distractions and external sounds especially while reading in public.

Adding tunes to the printed material brings an emotional experience which cannot be duplicated by just reading the book. This stirs the same feel we have while watching a movie because we not only watch the scenes but the background sound effects brings life to the visual. Meanwhile, while hearing a song, the music rarely matches with the mood of the book as a random playlist is played.


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